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I wanted to send you a letter about our recent experience with work done on our boat by Whiticar Boat Works. We are trying to get our boat ready to leave on a cruise in January and needed to have our AC serviced. One of our units was not putting out cold air and we needed that fixed. As we are not from this area I wasn’t sure who to call.

I remember last year, our Westerbeke genset stopped working and we found out that Whiticar Boat Works was a authorized dealer. We was very pleased on how pleasant it was working with your staff with getting a very finicky genset up and running.

So I called the office to see if you could help us out again. The ladies in the office are always very pleasant to deal with and they told me someone would call me back. I was glad to hear from you a short time later. You quickly understood my problem and set up an appointment for someone to come to the boat. On the scheduled day, Joe showed up on time and asked to come aboard. I was impressed that the first thing he did was look me in the eye as he offered me a handshake. We took an immediate liking to him, remembering other companies service personnel that we did not feel comfortable letting on our boat.

After we showed him the AC unit in question, he started right to work, taking the time to explain what he was doing each step of the way. He quickly found that it was low on freon and asked if we wanted to try refilling it first. While he was working on the unit, he pointed out several things that he felt may become issues in the future. i knew about some of them, but was glad to see that he was looking at the big picture of keeping out cooling system up and running.

In no time, cold air was coming out of the vents and we were happy. He asked if there was anything else we could do, so we asked him to confirm a problem that we had with another AC unit. He checked it and agreed that the compressor was broken. I told him that as it only cooled the pilot house, we did not use it that often, but still wanted a quote to fix it. We were very satisfied with his visit and wanted to make sure that you know what a great employee you have representing your company.

I also wanted to thank you for how you have dealt with the our boat issues in such a professional manner. Please share this letter with those in your company that need to hear what a great group there is at Whiticar Boat Works.

Please feel free to use us for future referrals with anyone that that is looking for a good solid company in the marina industry.

Alois and Kim Callemyn

MV Trillium

Years ago we used other boatyards drawn primarily by the seemingly lower quoted costs for bottom painting and general services – unfortunately, these decisions turned out to be mistakes every time. Recently changed working with Whiticar, they are competitive and they do what they say they are going to do and there are no surprises – the team there all the way from the yard to the management are very professional and the quality of the work cannot be matched.

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I knew Whiticar Boat works was different from other boatyards when I inquired about space availability. There is a much more personal touch than the place we previously stored our boat Plus, the yard is well maintained.

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I had a great experience at Whiticar Boat Works. The service was great. All of the staff was friendly and knowledgeable about my SANTE. They have helped me after hours and before the shop opened. I will be going to them as long as I have a boat.

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